Mission and Vision

Photo by Paul Baker licensed under CC BY 2.0

Our Mission:

The Wisconsin Science Museum connects science, art and technology discoveries with experiences that inform and inspire. 

Our Vision:

We envision a community that is inspired by science, excited to ask questions, and dedicated to improving the world around them through scientific research and innovation. The Wisconsin Science Museum fosters curiosity, connects visitors to the research happening in their own community, and frames local technology and scientific advancements within the larger contexts of science, history and culture.

Our Goals:

  • We want to help cultivate a global community full of well-informed, science-savvy individuals who are proud of Wisconsin’s leading role in science, technology and the related development of better products and services.
  • The Wisconsin Science Museum strives to give its visitors agency through interactivity in its exhibits and programs. We reach out to specific underrepresented audiences with the sciences (minorities, girls and women), and we partner with organizations with similar missions and/or interesting scientific expertise.
  • The Wisconsin Science Museum develops exhibits, programs, events and online platforms for the betterment of its community. The Museum serves the community, bridging industry, academia and the general-public, to help educate and inspire visitors with stories, art, technology, and programs that demonstrate the impacts of science from and within Wisconsin.
  • Through the Museum, we:
    1. Tell the stories of Wisconsin science – past, present and future.
    2. Connect the public with local stories and scientific discoveries.
    3. Highlight Wisconsin achievements in science, technology and related industries on a global scale.
    4. Inspire future scientists, engineers and educators.
    5. Strengthen local support for science and technology related activities, industries and companies.