Community Partnerships

The Wisconsin Science Museum develops exhibits, programs, events and online platforms for the betterment of its community. The Museum serves the community, bridging industry, academia and the general-public, to help educate and inspire visitors with stories, art, technology, and programs that demonstrate the impacts of science from and within Wisconsin.

To fulfill our goals to serve the community, we:

  1. Tell the stories of Wisconsin science – past, present and future.
  2. Connect the public with local stories and scientific discoveries.
  3. Highlight Wisconsin achievements in science, technology and related industries on a global scale.
  4. Inspire future scientists, engineers and educators.
  5. Strengthen local support for science and technology related activities, industries and companies.

Our current community partners include:

Our current community donors are:

  • The MG&E Foundation (in support of the Luminous Scores Exhibit)
  • The Alliant Energy Foundation (in support of Periodic Tables of Motion project)

If you or your organization is interested in collaborating with the museum, please contact us.