The Museum continually seeks volunteers to help open and close the museum, lead groups and work on a variety of projects. You may request a certain role or project based on your work, educational background, or particular area of interest.  If you would like to volunteer with us here at the Wisconsin Science Museum please visit our profile at VolunteerMatch, or send an email to our Executive Director, Arianna Murphy at arianna@wisconsinsciencemuseum.org.

Below are some descriptions of volunteer positions:


Visitor Information Assistants: 

Volunteer Visitor Information Assistants help open and close the museum and manage the front desk by greeting visitors, distributing brochures, and helping visitors find their way throughout the museum. Additionally, Visitor Information Assistants work to keep exhibits looking their best and make sure that interactive components are ready for all visitors to enjoy. Volunteers are also encouraged to take part in various other projects, events, and activities taking place at the museum.

Exhibit Designers & Curators: 

Volunteer exhibit designers and curators aid the Wisconsin Science Museum by performing upkeep on current exhibits at the museum and developing material for new exciting and engaging exhibits. Have an idea of how to make a current exhibit better? Have an idea for a brand new exhibit? We need your help!

Program Assistants:

Program assistants will help to make in-house programming and events outside the museum successful by helping to design, develop, and implement engaging educational programming for a wide variety of audiences and visitors.  Program assistants are essential aids to the museum and its mission to foster curiosity and draw connections between science, art, and technology. Additionally, program assistants are encouraged to come with ideas for fun new events and/or activities to take place through the museum.


Volunteer grant-writers aid the Wisconsin Science Museum by assisting Director of Advancement Zack Robbins with the research and writing process for grants that help to implement the fundraising goals for the museum. Volunteer grant-writers will research viable local and national grants that connect with existing exhibits and programming, as well as foster connections with proposed events and exhibits. This role also includes the formal writing of grants and involvement within the drafting and revision of proposals.