Our Staff


Arianna Murphy

Executive Director


Arianna Murphy is responsible for strategic planning, overseeing all operations, collections management, and exhibit design. 
She views the science museum as an experiential hands-on environment where visitors can freely and safely explore ideas and have conversations. The value is in its alternative capacity to promote agency on the part of the learner; and moreover, that it does so in a way that engages all the senses rather than just reading, writing, and looking, listening. Arianna believes this is highly valuable, not only for learning, but to give visitors and young people ownership and pride in the museum itself. 
Outside the museum she spends a lot of time with her two kids and husband. She enjoys reading and writing a great deal, both fiction and non-fiction. Arianna is also passionate about birth education and womens' and family rights.


Zack Robbins

Director of Advancement


Zack Robbins is responsible for development, marketing and public information.

Zack believes that the Wisconsin Science Museum provides a wide range of benefits to the state of Wisconsin as an exciting destination that encourages curiosity and fosters appreciation of and support for science-based inquiry and discovery. He hopes the museum will be a fun and entertaining place that can help visitors become better critical thinkers while learning something new about science and themselves.
Outside of the museum, Zack enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, camping, exploring Wisconsin's amazing lakes, parks, people, and food.


Mariel Mohns

Science Communications Officer


Mariel Mohns is responsible for communicating science stories on the museum's social media channels and website.

She believes that the Wisconsin Science Museum can be a significant cultural landmark in a city and state with a rich history and future in scientific discovery. Mariel hopes that the museum can be a place where people can engage their curiosity and spark their creativity by learning the stories behind scientists and their scientific findings. She believes that everyone has the ability to think critically and push the boundaries of their knowledge base. She hopes that the museum is a place where people will never stop learning!

 Outside of the museum, Mariel works full-time as an infectious disease researcher. She also does freelance science writing for various digital outlets. She also enjoys her new role as a mom, and loves bringing her new baby to the museum to wonder at the exhibits. You can also find her knitting, making music, or dancing the lindy hop around Madison.